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razor / toothbrush box

A superb razor / toothbrush box decorated in underglaze blue with the "feeding chickens" pattern by Riley. Circa 1825.

8 inches by 3 inches by 2.5 inches tall. Some minor condition issues.

Item No. PW0050


 Price: £380
Enoch Wood

An Enoch Wood pearlware jug decorated with the "shooting with dogs" pattern.

Circa 1820.

Some minor condition issues.

7 inches tall.

Intem No. PW0057


 Price: £520
Enoch Wood

Enoch Wood grapevine border side plate "Castle Forbes, Aberdeenshire".

A pearlware side plate from the grapevine border series decorated with "Castle Forbes, Aberdeen".

Circa 1825.

6.25 inches diameter.

Item No. PW0051


 Price: £80
pearlware pickle dish

A superb pearlware pickle dish stand and dishes decorated in underglaze blue transfer print in the much sought after "Gleaners" pattern by Henshall and Williams. Circa 1825.

Some minor condition issues.

8.25 inches by 8 inches by 5 inches tall.

Item No. PW0052


 Price: £480
Spode butter tub

Rare Spode butter tub, circa 1820, "Girl at the well".

A Spode pearlware pot and cover decorated with "Girl at the well". Unusually this butter tub has a pierced lid which suggests an alternative use than butter.

Some very minor condition issues.

5.25 inches diameter, 3.5 inches tall.

Item: PW0053


Price: SOLD  
Clews pearlware

A rare pair of Clews pearlware pickle dishes decorated with the "common wolf trap". Circa 1830.

Some minor condition issues.

5.5 inches by 5 inches.

Item No. PW0054


 Price: £225

A rare pearlware soup plate, decorated with a depiction of the Caledonian Enlightenment; probably Scottish.

Item No: PW0059


 Price: SOLD  
pearlware pickle dish

A rare and amusing pearlware pickle dish of leaf form decorated with the "flasher" pattern. Circa 1830.

The scene is a bizarre one, a woman and child are walking a river bank whilst a man in a coat appears to expose himself! I don't know what the engraver was thinking!

Some minor condition issues.

7 inches x 6 inches.

Item No. PW0056


 Price: £245

A rare Geddes pearlware plate, Glasgow (Verreville). Depicting Park Theatre new york.

Whilst this scene appears frequently by a Staffordshire maker, by comparison the Geddes version is incredibly scarce. Marked examples (like this one) are virtually unheard of.

Item No. PW0060


 Price: SOLD  
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