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creamware berry bowl

A very rare creamware berry bowl. Comissioned for the Gordon Highland Regiment. Decorated with a basket hilted sword and badger sporran between a thistle border.

No chips, cracks or restoration.

Item No. CW0001

 Price: SOLD    
Mason's Ironstone Platter

An early 19th centuray Mason's Ironstone Platter. Decorated with the "Green Mandarin" pattern.

Circa 1815 - 1820

Item No. D0001



ceramic restoration
 Price: SOLD    
Stevenson & Williams

A Stevenson & Williams, oak leaf border, pearlware plate.

Decorated with Park Theatre, New York.


Item No. SW0002

 Price: SOLD    
stoneware pie dish

A stoneware pie dish. Made for the pacific steam navigation company and produced by F Morley. This piece was used in "saloon" class and is marked accordingly.


Item No. SW0003


antique art
 Price: SOLD  
creamware drainer

An early 19th century creamware drainer. Brown transfer printed, with a medallion and motto for the Northern lighthouses.

13 inches x 9.5

Some minor age related issues.

Item No. CW0003


 Price: SOLD    
Brameld Pottery

A very rare and historically significant  piece of Brameld Pottery, a green transferware chestnut basket. Produced for the Dundee & Hull Steam Packet Company for use aboard the infamously ill-fated steamship Forfarshire, which sank off the Northumbria coast in 1838, giving birth to the legend of Grace Darling. An incredibly rare survivor.

Item No. T002

 Price: SOLD    
Henshal plate

A Henshall "fruit & flowers" series plate. Decorated with the Waterworks Philedelphia "stern view".

Very fine condition.

Item No. BT0001

 Price: SOLD    
Stevenson plate

A Stevenson "spaniel" dinner plate.

Some minor issues related to age.


Item No. S0002

 Price: SOLD    
pearlware footbath

A superb pearlware footbath, decorated with "The Beemaster" illustration. Circa 1820.

20" handle to handle, 8 " tall.

Some professional  restoration.

Item No. PW0034

 Price: SOLD    
William de Morgan

A superb William de Morgan ruby lustre vase (1836-1917). Decorated by James Hersey and patterned with mythological beasts within a foliate landscape.

7 inches tall.

Superb condition.

Item No. WM0001

 Price: SOLD    
Stevenson's platter

A rare Stevenson's (Warranted) series platter decorated with "The Bull".

Circa 1820-5.

18.75 inches diameter.

Item No. BT0025

 Price: SOLD    
Machin & Potts

A rare bi colour jug, produced by Machin & Potts, Burslem, Staffs.

Decorated with the feathers from the Cheltenham series (marked accordingly), but with titled cartouches of "the pet canary" & "the expansion of understanding".

Some staining - 4 .75 " tall

 Circa 1824-38

Item No. PW0025

 Price: SOLD  

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