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gin flask

English pearlware gin flask, "gathering firewood".

A wonderful feature is the "hands" of the demon escaping the bottle.

Itdem No. PW0024


 Price: SOLD    
pearlware drainer

A rare pearlware drainer, transfer printed in the "Beemaster" design. Rare small size 11.5 inches by 8 inches.

Some light staining to rear, not visible to front.

Circa: 1820

Item No. PW0027

ceramic restoration
 Price: SOLD    
pearlware platter

A small "Shipping Series" pearlware platter.

Decorated with "Approaching Part" scene from the highly sought after "Shipping series".

Circa 1830.

9.75 x 6.75 inches.

Item No. PW0038

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Poultney and Allies

A superb "Bristol views" platter inches decorated with "Bristol hot wells" by Poultney and Allies.

Circa 1830.

Item No. BT0022



antique art
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Durham Ox

A superb large pearlware platter. Decorated with "The Durham Ox with John Day" after the painting by T. Boultbee.

Circa 1820/25.

19.75 inches.

Item No. PW0043

 Price: SOLD  
Ridgways Ottoman Empire

A large Ridgways Ottoman Empire series tree and well platter. Decorated with "Triumphal arch at Latachia".

21 inches diameter.

Some minor condition issues.

Item No. BT0033

 Price: SOLD  

A rare pearlware tankard, decorated with "a view of taunton from a field in "Playfair street" to one side and a view of "Taunton" on the opposite.

13 cms. 

Item No. PW0047

 Price: SOLD  
pierced drainer

A rare Spode Indian sporting series pierced drainer decorated with the "shooting at the edge of the

Circa 1820.

11.5 inches long.

Item No. BT0026

 Price: SOLD  
pearlware platter

A pearlware blue transfer printed platter.

Circa 1830.

Printed cartouche "Roman vase" and impressed crown.

19 inches by 14.25 inches.

Item No. PW0045

 Price: SOLD  
shipping platter

A very rare 19th century shipping platter. Produced for the Dundee & Perth shipping company, which laterly became the Dundee, Perth & London shipping company in 1826. Confusingly the steamship in the vignettes is the London. The  other vignette is the Coat of arms for London.

20" x 16.5 "Inches.

Item No. BT0004

 Price: SOLD  

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